Microphotographs showing the intimate neurovascular cell-cell interactions: Upper case left; Confocal laser-scan microscope image showing activated pericytes (red) detaching from endothelial cells (green) upon stroke. Upper case right; Confocal laser-scan microscope image showing astrocytes (green) wrapping the brain vasculature and interacting with activated pericytes (red). Lower case left; 2-photon microscope image showing pericytes (green) migrating along the brain vasculature (red) towards injury site after stroke. Lower case right; Fluorescence microscope image showing astrocytes (yellow) interacting with pericytes (purple) at the brain vasculature.

Canada Research Chair in Molecular and Cellular Neurovascular Interactions

A laboratory that emphasizes on investigating the molecular and cellular neurovascular interactions in health, disease, and therapy!

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